Lucas E.V. Miller is a filmmaker based in Locust Valley, NY. Of dual US-Italian citizenship, he has lived and worked extensively in both countries and across Europe. He began his career as a film critic, attending the 2008 Edinburgh International Film Festival as a member of the press when he was only 18, skipping his high school graduation ceremony to make the opening night screening.

His first feature-length documentary as Director of Photography, Aterúe: The Singers from Elsewhere, followed a group of American singers on their journey to learn cantu a tenore, a deeply-rooted singing tradition unique to Sardinia that has been named by UNESCO as an example of the world’s intangible cultural heritage.

In Search of Old Flo, his submission to the 10th annual Sparrow Film Project, was nominated for Best Edit, Best Cinematography, Best Director and Best Film, and screened at the Museum of the Moving Image. In 2016, Lucas’s documentary portrait of friend Jess Friedman, Popcorn Princess, won Voter’s Choice in the inaugural Everyday Humans competition sponsored by Syrp. His still photography has been featured on Flickr’s Explore page and appeared in the Gothamist.

Recent projects as DP include the short horror films Who’s Afraid (2022) and They Don’t Leave (2023), shot on location in the Adirondacks and Montana respectively, which have played widely at festivals. He just locked picture on Rockbottom, an indie drama, which he both shot and edited.

He has contributed work as a location sound recordist on feature films, shorts, documentaries and commercials.

Formerly a supervisor at the Sunshine Cinema in New York City’s East Village (now sadly demolished), he also worked at the beloved non-profit Time & Space Limited in Hudson, NY.

Lucas is the grandson of Italian-American writer Arturo Vivante, whose work he cites as an inspiration.