In Contrast (Trailer)

Written & Directed by Jesse Salmeron
Executive Producers: Edith Salmeron, Paula Novaez
Director of Photography: Lucas E.V. Miller
Starring: Jonna Juul-Hansen, Derrick Moore
Music: Hayden Baker Kline
Sound Design: Chris Neal
Assistant Director: Jackie Ferro

In Contrast stars Jonna Juul-Hansen as Sarah Montgomery, an affluent white woman who has just been released after serving two years house arrest for vehicular manslaughter. On the anniversary of her son’s death, she goes to her remote cabin in the Rocky Mountains and attempts suicide by way of an overdose of sleeping pills, which she tries to drink down with a decanter full of whiskey. She’s discovered unconscious in the snow by a mysterious handyman, Michael (Derrick Moore), who brings her to safety. But Sarah soon suspects he’s something other than a Good Samaritan.

This dramatic thriller was shot on location in Breckenridge, Colorado. Jesse and Lucas drove the nearly two thousand miles from New York City as the results of the 2020 presidential election were still being counted, a fittingly charged political moment for a film that looks squarely at America’s problem of systemic racism.